EAE - Data management

October 12, 2017, 09:00-15:30


The amount of research data in digital form is growing rapidly. This entails new challenges and new opportunities in terms of storage, organization, and (international) collaboration among other. The purpose of the course is to view a research project through the lens of research data. Participants gain insights into various data management policies, the possibilities in Denmark and abroad that support storage and depositing of data in repositories. Furthermore, participants learn how to link their research data to a persistent identifier (DOI - Digital Object Identifier).


Form and duration:
1 day. There will be a presentation followed by a workshop (morning and afternoon).


Learnings objectives:
After completion of the course the participant:

  • Can create a Data Management Plan
  • Has knowledge of the term metadata
  • Can link research data both to metadata and a persistent identifier (DOI) (for example to link data to a publication)
  • Has knowledge of Data Management policies from the main research funds in Denmark and abroad
  • Has knowledge of the main repositories in Denmark and abroad
  • Is aware of the main differences between repositories in relation to data management of: Access, security, sensitive data, file formats

Target group:
Researchers and PhD students.



½ ECTS is awarded to PhD students by presenting a completed Data Management Plan.



Before participating in the course, participants must have registered on DMPonline (https://dmponline.deic.dk/). In addition, participants must bring a data set from their own research. If participants do not have a data set, a trial data set may be provided. A Moodle course page will be created where participants are expected to check the schedule, literature references, and guidelines in relation to the course in advance.


Teaching language:
By default, the course is in English. However, it can be held in Danish if so wished by all participants. Group work can be in both English and Danish.


If you have any questions please contact course coordinator Sacha Zurcher, szurcher@ruc.dk or administrator Signe Berri, berri@ruc.dk.

Roskilde Universitet - Universitetsvej 1 - 4000 - Roskilde - 46742692