Keynote speakers


Stefan Gössling is a professor at Lund and Linnaeus universities, as well as a research coordinator at the Western Norway Research Institute. He studies interrelationships of tourism, transport and sustainability, with a specific focus on governance, ICT, and consumer cultures. He is a member of the editorial board of various tourism journals, including Annals of Tourism Research, Tourism Management and the Journal of Sustainable Tourism, and has worked on behalf of numerous institutions such as UNEP, UNDP, UNWTO, OECD and World Bank. For all of these achievements, he continues to be amazed about how little has changed over the 25 years since he started to work on tourism sustainability.


Szilvia Gyimóthy is Associate Professor at the Department of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University, Denmark. Szilvia’s primary expertise lies in the intersection of strategic market communications, cultural studies and media geographies. She has carried out both conceptual and empirical research related to transformational placemaking, commodification strategies and competitive differentiation of regions in the experience economy, highlighting the complex relationships between popular culture, globalisation, tourism and mobility. In the past few years, Szilvia has been working with assessing the transformative potential of the collaborative economy and studied the diversification of sharing platforms in both rural and urban contexts. Her latest projects focus on the sociocultural drivers of communitarian walking trails as well as on the effects of peer rental accommodation on tourism in residential neighbourhoods.    


Frank Lindberg is Professor of Marketing at Nord University Business School, Norway. He earned his PhD in 2001 at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. Since then he has worked as Associate Professor at University of Nordland and University of Gothenburg, and Vice Dean and Dean at Bodø Graduate School of Business. Lindberg has been Visiting Scholar at Copenhagen Business School, University of California, Berkeley, USA and at University of Southern Denmark. His current research covers areas such as the dynamics of markets and consumption, and particularly tensions and challenges of tourism in peripheral regions of experiences. Lindberg has published on topics such as how local traditions and way of life influence tourism (Kenya/Svalbard), challenges of extraordinary experiences, how immersion and transformation may cause trouble for tourists (Arctic/Finnforest), and competing orders of worth in tourist communities (in Lofoten). Recently, his focus has been on tourist misbehavior and how this can be explained, and on challenges of tourism development in peripheral regions with competing regimes.

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