DSE PhD and Early Career NETWORK

Workshop: Dealing with Crisis in European Studies

26th September, 9.00 – 12.00


The DSE PhD and Early Career Network is pleased to invite early career researchers working within the broader field of European Studies to a feedback workshop taking place in connection to the DSE’s annual conference the 26th-27th September 2018.


The workshop provides participants with a great opportunity to discuss their current works with peers as well as to get feedback from the keynote speaker at the DSE conference, Sophie Meunier from Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University. Throughout her career, Meunier has dealt with a broad variety of issues ranging from European integration and EU actorness, to international trade and globalization.

In line with the overall theme of this year’s DSE conference, also the workshop will depart in the concept of crisis. The workshop is open for all early career scholars working within different fields of European Studies.

ECTS-points for paper presentations:
In PhD workshop: 1 ECTS

At the ECSA conference: 2 ECTS

Presentation of same paper in both: 2 ECTS


The distribution of ECTS points above is approved by the Doctoral School of Social Sciences and Business at Roskilde University. PhD students enrolled in other PhD programs might be granted a different amount of points for their participation/presentation. For further questions, please contact your own PhD School.


Signing up for the Workshop
The workshop takes place on the 26th September from 9.00 – 12.00.
It is free of charge for PhD students enrolled at Roskilde University. Other participants will have to pay a fee of DKK 200.

Please register before 1st September 2018 by sending an e-mail to grwf@diis.dk and by registering at http://events.ruc.dk/DSE-ECSAConference2018. The registration is also valid for participation in the DSE-ECSA Conference 2018.

Please observe that you furthermore need to submit your draft article to grwf@diis.dk before 9th September 2018.


About the DSE PhD and Early Career Network

The main purpose of the PhD and Early Career Network is to establish a forum for PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, and other young scholars in the beginning of their academic career, where they can exchange and develop research ideas, approaches and questions. Through a range of activities such as research workshops, sessions on career development, and networking with different EU environments, members of the network engage on a regular basis.


Joining the Network

If you are a PhD student, postdoc or early career scholar focusing on European issues from a political, historical, sociological, or legal perspective, and you wish to join the network, please contact Gry Waagner Falkenstrøm (DIIS) for further information.

Email: grwf@diis.dk


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