Social Lighting Design

Date: 20 February 2018, 9.15 - 17:45.


Maximum 80 participants. 


Registration deadline 13 February 2018.


Venue: Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab

H. C. Andersens Blvd. 35
1553 København V



Lighting has great impact on the human body and ways of perceiving the environment. Yet beyond the individual human body and psychology, lighting also takes part in shaping ways of being together, enabling a sense of community, conviviality and atmospheres, which rests on culturally diverse visual norms. Lighting designers are central in shaping such sense of place and belonging, but at times designs rest more on intuitive than academic knowledge. A trademark of social sciences and humanities on the other hand has long been to contribute with historical facts, critique and concepts to understand urban spaces and processes of change, but often with little connection to lighting designers. In Social Science in particular, it is only more recently that focus has been on the role of lighting, or lack of such, in shaping social life, ideas about neighborhoods, class, identity, and urban spaces. How can lighting design gain from social science and humanities knowledge on social aspects of lighting? And what can social scientists learn from lighting designer and the challenges they face?  What kind of social challenges do lighting designers aim to solve? And how can such lighting strategies and designs be politically motivated?


This conference aims to connect and engage social science and humanities scholars with lighting designers and industry to discuss how both scholars and practitioners might gain a better and more holistic understanding of lighting as a central feature of social life by collaborating.



Mark Major: Speirs + Major

Roger Narboni: Concepto

Allan Ruberg: ÅF Lighting

Elettra Bordonaro: 'London School of Economics and Configuring Light research group', Co-Founder of Social Lighting Movement

Don Slater: 'London School of Economics and Configuring Light research group'

David E. Nye: University of Southern Denmark

Mikkel Bille: Roskilde University


Contact Information: Mikkel Bille:



In cooperation with Copenhagen light festival and Velux foundations .



Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab - H. C. Andersens Blvd. 35 - 1553 - København V - 46742808