Opening Conference Nordic Media Systems Research Network


The objective of the Nordic Media Systems Research Network is to develop a world-leading research environment with a two-folded aim; first to create more knowledge about the structural settings of the Nordic media systems, and their ability to secure the best possible conditions for a strong and transparent democracy, second to investigate how this knowledge can serve as inspiration in relation to the challenges currently facing journalism and democracy all over the Western world.


The Nordic countries have an internationally unique tradition for a dual media system with strong public service organizations as well as strong privately owned media. The overall purpose of this is to secure high quality journalism, as well as a diverse and plural media market. In this tradition, public service media produces content aimed at countering the pure effects of market driven journalism, just as privately owned media receive public funding with the purpose of encouraging them to produce “public service for private money”.


Across the Atlantic sea, American media and democracy scholars have recently begun to speak of “journalism as a public good” and are searching for ways to reinstall journalism as one of the cornerstones of democracy.  As it is characteristic of the Anglo-American media system, most news media in the US are privately owned and commercially driven, but recently there have been discussions concerning the possibility of (more) public media support and other initiatives, which might resemble structures from the Nordic media system.


As a first step we invite all ineterested stakeholder to join us at the open conference at Roskilde University. 

Roskilde Universitet - Universitetsvej 1 - 4000 - Roskilde - 46742000 -