Phd workshop: Care in neoliberal, Nordic welfare states, January 9th

The Nordic welfare states are usually assigned the status of gender equal states, where full time paid work can be combined with motherhood (and daughterhood). This has been based upon large parts of care as a responsibility of the state and professionalization of care for pre-school children, sick and elderly. However, decades of neo-liberalism in terms of marketization, self-responsibilizing and increasing reliance on volunteering have had effects upon welfare professionals and those traditionally considered vulnerable. But how is the care affected? And how do these changes relate to a what some have seen as a change in the relationship between productive and reproductive work i.e. as the predominance of a new form of capitalism, a financialized capitalism?


Time: 9th of January 2019

Venue: Building 25.1. Roskilde University

Organizer: Prof. Dr. Hanne Marlene Dahl, The Doctoral School of Social Sciences & Business at

ECTS: phd students with papers receive 2 ECTS whereas phd students without receive 1 ECTS.


Prof. Dr. Joan Tronto is a professor at University of Minnesota and has written key works in care ethics such as Moral boundaries – A Political Argument for an Ethic of Care (1993) and more recently, Caring Democracy – Markets, Equality, and Justice (2013).


Required readings:

Tronto, J. (2017):’There is an alternative: homines curans and the limits of neoliberalism’ International Journal of Care and Caring 1 (1): 27–43

Fraser, N. (2016): ‘Contradictions of capital and care’, New Left Review, July-August: 99-117.


Registration: Registration 14th December 2018, 12.00. Participants must include abstract upon registration if they wish to present a paper.

Deadline: Papers must be sent no later 2nd of January to PhD Coordinator Julie Skjold Omdal:

Fee: Participation is free of charge. Participants must themselves pay for travel costs.


The workshop and lecture is financed and orghaniced by Department of Social Sciences and Business (Roskilde University) and Nordic Network of Care Crisis research network, a research network funded by NIKK. Read more here:


Further information: PhD Coordinator Julie Skjold Omdal,, +45 4674-3851.

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