Call for Papers


We invite papers that explore the overlap between social issues and racialization and deal with one or more of the following topics:


  1. Tracing racialized social problems in European societies. How do social agents, such as social workers, researchers, media associates, politicians, and/or ethnic minorities constitute, and/or co-constitute, social issues as racialized social problems? In what ways are race/ethnicity, religion, age, social class and gender ascribed meanings in both public and private majority and minority discourses on social problems? To what extent, and in what ways, do the discourses affect the ethnic minority individuals in question?
  2. Societal processes of xenophobia and stereotyping. How do processes of moral panic, stereotyping and islamophobia, etc., influence how social issues are framed as social problems? What is the problem represented to be? How is the social problem in question suggested solved? How do processes of moral panic, stereotyping and islamophobia, etc., influence institutionalizations of, and practices within, social work? And how do social workers ‘act back’ on public discourses?
  3. Tackling ethno-religious otherness. How do we, in comprehensive ways, address social issues that fall between ‘race’ and racialization, culture and culturalism, group and individualization, differentiation and identity, particularization and universalization?



Abstract submission

The deadline for submitting proposals for individual papers is due 21 June, 2019. Please submit a title and abstract of about 300 words, in addition to a short bio (max 150 words) that includes author name, institutional affiliation and contact info.


Please submit your abstract and bio below as uploads of Abstracts


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