The scientific committee welcomes abstracts of relevance for the resveratrol2018 conference.


After submission the abstracts will be evaluated by the members of the scientific committee. Accepted abstracts gives access to presenting results at Resveratrol2018. There will be room in the scientific program for a limited number of oral presentations (as long (25 min) or short presentations (12 min) and besides this, poster presentations. There will be two sessions with poster presentations.


Deadline for submission of abstracts for poster / short presentations: August 22th, 2018.


The scientific committee will evaluate the submitted abstracts, and respond regarding acceptance for oral/poster presentation or rejection by July 20th and September 1st 2018, respectively.


If you are a young academic researcher (PhD student), and you abstract gets accepted, you will be able to register to the conference at a reduced price (only 20 seats are available).


Abstract submission

To submit your abstract, please use the attached form (download here).


Pay attention to the following guidelines:

• Maximal length of your abstract is 300 words
• Clearly state the problem of your study
• Indicate your results
• Discuss the significance of your results
• Indicate which of the 10 conference themes your abstract is related to.
• Note: If your abstract fits into more than one theme choose the most appropriate. In case your abstract does not fit into one of these themes, then suggest the closest theme.


Submit your abstract by uploading via the service below.


Oral presentations selected from submitted abstracts
If your abstract gets accepted for an oral presentation, you will have 25 minutes (long presentations) or 12 minuttes (short presentations) to present your results at the conference.  A few guidelines:


• As the major focus of the conference is on resveratrol and derivatives, assume that the audience don’t need general statements about health effects of resveratrol.

• Instead, spent your time on presenting the specific area where resveratrol is applied in your experiments.


Posters selected from submitted abstracts
If your abstract gets accepted for a poster, be aware that the posters will be sticked all the days of the conference and you will get 3 minutes to present your results during one of two poster sessions at the conference. Some guidelines will be applied to you a few weeks before the conference.



October 12th – Latest online registration.


October 18th-20th – registration on stage.

Resveratrol2018 - resveratrolconference@gmail.com

International Academic Center, Third Floor of Science and Education Building,

The First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University, 277 West Yanta Rd, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China.