Virtual Reality, Learning and Experience



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Virtual Reality, Learning and Experience - seminar at Roskilde University, 21 August 2019


In this seminar, we aim to focus on the domains of learning and experience, as integral parts of almost any Virtual Reality-based activity. Participating in the seminar, you will gain insight into the latest knowledge about the use of Virtual Reality (VR) in different application areas. There will be an Open Session during the seminar where you will be able to have some fun with various hands-on demonstrations of VR and connect with people and their amazing creations! The highlight of the seminar is a panel discussion with seminar participants, experts, content providers, and researchers, who will address some of the many questions and ideas that our discussions give rise to.

Even though the VR hardware, simulations, and content applications become more and more accessible it seems that the users’ VR experience varies considerably not least due to the varying quality of content and the scattered knowledge about relevant fields of application. If we are to use VR-based interventions in higher education and experiential learning, we need more nuanced knowledge about the following important questions: 


  • What does research-based knowledge tell us about the possibilities and challenges involved in using VR in learning practices?
  • How can VR help improve the learning experience as well as its outcomes?
  • How does the use of VR within areas such as art, communication, and design contribute to our understanding of human experience and experiential learning?
  • Does the impact on learning and experience justify the necessary effort and economic investments, and if so how? 

At Roskilde University, ongoing VR development projects and research aim to contribute to knowledge about students’ learning experiences when VR laboratory simulations are integrated into university (undergraduate) natural sciences curricula. The seminar aims to build on these activities, deepening, increasing, and broadening our knowledge about the problems and possibilities of VR in learning. We bring together university researchers, students as well as professional providers of technology and content to discuss and evaluate existing knowledge, the nature of the new challenges, and the need for further research.



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